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About ByNind Jorinde van den Bosch

I’m Jorinde van den Bosch, also known as Nind, a multi-disciplinary artist focussing on mixed media and photography, based in Delft, The Netherlands.

My work is based on a strong belief that in adulthood, it is key to preserve a childlike playfulness and curiosity in everything you do, in order to learn, grow and enjoy life.

I create autonomous art around autobiographical reflections, often exploring my search and need for connection and place in the world. My work is strongly inspired by nature, the power of femininity, fashion and any form of eccentricity found in the world around us.

In my artwork, I often push the boundaries between surrealism and abstract art. That not only portrays my narrative but also leaves room for the viewer to find their own.

Besides making my own art and prints, I collaborate to help others stand out from the crowd and tell their story in a unique way. My work has been published on CD’s, posters and social media outings.

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Want to work with me?

If you are interested in my work, please get in contact with me through the email form on the contact page.

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